Mayanagar, Cidco, N-2, Jalna Road, Aurangabad (431003), 


Prof. Sir Dr. P. B. Lohiya (founder chairman) 




 Expertise - Allopathy & Acupuncture.

 Qualifications -

M.D.,F.R.C.P.,  D.I.C, M.I.L.A, M.Ac.F. (Srilanka)
M.B.B.S., M.C.G.P., F.I.A.Ac.S. (India)
M.I.A.S., (Hongkong), M.A.F.S. (Scandinavia)
D.M.I.C.Ac. (Switzerland), F.K.Ac.A.(Korea) M.C.Ac.A(U.K.),
P.G.A.C. (Australia) Doctor of Science (MedicinaAlternativa)
Ph.D. (Spain), China Trained.

Institutions -

  • Chairman, Indian Academy of Acupuncture Science.

  • Vice chairman, World Association of Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China.

  • Visiting Professor, Beijing Meridian Research centre, Beijing,  China

  • Professor Emiritus,The Open International University for complimentary medicines 
    (Medicina Alternativa International), Srilanka.

  • President, Indian Institute of Holistic Medicine

  • Dean, Huang Di Neijing Acupuncture Research Centre

  • Visiting Professor International Institute Integrated Medical Sciences.

  • Founder member of commonwealth Institute of  Acupuncture and Natural Medicines

  • Fellow of Medicina Alternativa International Srilanka.

Member, International Acupuncture Society, Hong Kong.
Member, International LASER therapy Association
Member, Scandinavian Acupuncture Foundation.

Member, International college of Acupuncture.

Medals, Awards and Accolades 

  • "World Famous Doctor award "(China 2001)

  • "The Physician of the Century"  International Honour By Med, Alt. at Colombo, Srilanka (Jan 2000).

  • The Albert Schweitzer International prize for medicines (1999)

  • Appreciation Award at Singapore (2000)

  • Paxmundi International Award   (1996)

  • Best Paper certificate, Malaysia (1996)

  • Certificate of Excellence Srilanka (1994) (1998)

  • Fellowship award for Professional Excellence (Academic Diplomatique De La Paix) (1998)

  • Shield of Excellence by Chinese Acupuncture Academy, Pakistan (1994)

  • Best Research paper award for How to live 100 years- Awarded in International Conference Beijing,China (1995)

  • Gold Medal for Excellence and Merit- By Medicina Alternativa International Srilanka (1992)

  • Best Acupuncture Teacher award by International Academy of Alternative medicines. (1993)

  • GEM of Acupuncture (1995) 

  • GEM of Complimentary medicines (International council of Alt. Medicines)

  • GEM of Alternative medicines (Board of Alternative medicines)
  • Honorable Friend of the Institute (Poland 2000)
  • "Honoro-O-Merito" Accolade ( Italy 2007 )


  1. Essentials  of Medical Acupuncture  

  2. Basics of Acupuncture ( Sold out )

  3. Acupuncture How & Why ( Sold out )

  4. Meridian Acupressure ( English, German )

  5. Acupressure  (Hindi)

  6. Acupressure  (Marathi)

  7. Acupressure ( Gujrati )

  8. Acupuncture Principles and treatment ( Revised edition of Basics of Acupuncture ).

  9. Advance Acupuncture 

  10. Single Needle Therapy ( Under Print )

  11. Dr. Lohiya's Innovative Time Acupuncture ( Under Print )

  12. Cosmetic Acupuncture ( Under Print )

  13. Acupuncture in general Practice ( Under Print )

Articles & Interviews- Published in most of the leading Indian News papers like  The Times of India, Navbharat Times, Lokmat, Tarun Bharat, Gomantak Times, Lokmat Times, Sarvamat, Swathi Magazine, Gruhvedh, Mumbai Samachar, Mahanagar, Loksatta, Lokmat, Samna, Aajka Mahanagar, Navbharat, Sandhyanand, Dainik Jagran, Deshbandhoo,  Bombay Times, Pratidin, Gaonkari, Andolan, Hindustan, Lokyug, Varta, Opportunities today, Chautha stambha,  Aajka Anand, Sanj Warta, Lokpatra, Lokasha,  etc.

Television & Radio-Talks- China Radio International Beijing (China), Poland T.V.. Doordarshan Delhi & Panjim, A.I.R. Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Parbhani, Beed,

Research papers & lectures in international conferences.


  1. Role of Acupuncture in the treatment of Diabetes mellitus & it's complications.

  2. Acupuncture for Cardio-Vascular ( Heart ) disorders to avoid By Pass or Angioplasty.

  3. How to live 100 years old.
    (Awarded as best paper in Chinese conference 1995)

  4. Treatment of Optic atrophy by He-Ne Laser & Acupuncture.

  5. Catgut embedding therapy for Bronchial Asthma .

  6. Role of Acupuncture in treatment of Cancer.

  7. Acupuncture - Acupressure to increase the stamina and sports- span of sportsmen.

  8. Acupuncture treatment for Auditory (Ear) disorders.

  9. Role of Acupuncture in Locomotor (musculo-skeletal) disorders.

  10. Treatment of Acne vulgaris and other common cosmetic problems.

  11. Acu-facial massage to keep fresh.

  12. Etiology and treatment of tumours by Acupuncture (Without surgery)

  13. Role of weather, emotions, food & sex in causing illnesses.

  14. Scope of Acupuncture in Beauty Therapy.

  15. Magic of needle - recorded video-cassette containing interviews of rare cases like diabetic gangrene, cirrhosis of liver, singers nodule, myopathy etc.

  16. Role of Acupressure in first Aid.

  17. Use of command points in treating various disorders.

  18. Pulse diagnosis and selection of Acupuncture points according to the Theory of Five Elements.

  19. Treatment of so called surgical disorders.

  20. Time Acupuncture According to Chinese & innovative Time Acupuncture according to Prof.Dr.Lohiya.

  21. Anti-Ageing Acupuncture.

  22. Rare & so called Incurable disorders treated successfully at Dr.Lohiya Acupuncture Centre.

  23. Acupuncture to prevent side effects of Allopathic drugs.

  24. Treatment of Peptic ulcer with Allopathy & Acupuncture,

Countries visited for Acupuncture lectures -


     China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, Spain, U.K., France, Italy, Canada, Poland, Germany, Vietnam etc.  



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