Vision considerably diminished.  Treatment in 2000.  Marked improvement in vision after each course of He-Ne LASER therapy.

Lump in abdomen -
Male 40 yrs R/O Nizamabad.  Patient doctor himself.  4cms X 6cms palpable lump in abdomen.  Treated by bleeding therapy . Lump Vanished within  5 minutes. Operation avoided.

Chronic renal failure -
Male 52 yrs, Pune. Blood Urea dropped from 102 to 67 and Sereum Creatinine dropped from 8.1 to 4.2 in 3 month's treatment. Treatment is being continued. Male 40 yrs R/O Mumbai.  Brought to us in 1998.  Was on dialysis twice a week.  After starting treatment, the duration between two dialysis could be gradually increased.  Considerable recovery within 80 sittings.  Blood urea, Serum creatinine decreased and Hb% increased.  Skin colour changed from black to normal. At present we are treating many such cases. Success rate is very high. Most of the cases start responding after 3-5 sitting only.



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